Our history

It all started in Saint-Donat near Rimouski when Andre Halle was already repairing and selling mechanical saws while logging. At that time, the Pioneer company offered Andre to settle in Causapscal where, it seems, large logging operations had begun.
In 1955, Andre moved into rented premises on Saint-Jacques street opposite the office that belonged to Notary Berube. 
In 1957, a small store was built on Cartier Street. He travels almost every day, Causapscal Saint-Donat as long as the family in not moved. In November 1957, after bying the house of Fernand Grenon, the family now settled in Causapscal. At that time the company had to serve more than 10 "jobbers" in forestry camps including Alexandre Levesque, Jos Dufour, Jean-Marie Tremblay, Senon Parent and many others as well as the camps of the C.I.P., the Frasers and Lacroix. 
Business was booming and Ski-Doo snowmobiles arrived - space was running out. In 1962, the construction of the new store in Causapscal was essential and there were then three employees.
In 1966, the company launched into the sale of motorcycles with Brigestone. In 1967, the Yamaha brand entered the dealership and in 1968, the Triumph brand. There was already a local in Amqui for a few years adjacent to the bowling alley which unfortunately was destroyed by fire during the winter of 1965, which caused a lot of trouble. It was at this time that the company Andre Halle & Fils was formed. In 1965, Jacques Halle, son of Andre, began to work at the company. Real joined them in 1975. In 1974, they signed with Honda to have the franchise.
In 1975, the Husqvarna banner enterred at the company.
In 1982, Real, Jacques and his wife Nicole, boys of Andre, bought the shares of Mr Halle to become co-owners. In 1983, they decided to open a point of sale in Amqui following the request of Honda Canada. The point of sale was located at Parts Auto Select (PBA) today. Several products were added such as mowers, snowblowers, outboard motors and many others.
In the spring of 1985, the decided to rent premises to settle at the current location on 132 Road in order to expand their territory. The following year, a new construction is neccessary to be more efficient and functionnal, because the sale of motorcycles and off-road vehicules, at that time, is very strong. Thereafter, they must enlarge the premises during the year 1992 by almost doubling the area. Finally, it was a summer of major renovation, the Causapscal store had become too small for him. Andre Halle & Sons was expanding - it had eight full-time employees.
In 2000, an expansion of the business store in Amqui was necessary. In 2001, Real decided to buy the shares of his brother Jacques in collaboration with his wife Rita.
In 2005, the purchase of land and a building is necessary for the expansion of the parking lot.
In 2008, after an evaluation by a firm independant of BRP among several dealerships from Quebec to Gaspe and according to very hight criteria, a new product was added to their product line, the Can-Am Roadster Spyder. The company then became the only BRP dealer in the region to have this range. It will then be necessary to make a further enlargement.
In 2009, a new area is coming! Internet sales lead them to create a website that will allow their customers to shop at any time!
In 2010, the company expended its BRP product line with Sea-Doo watercraft and Can-Am side-by-side vehicles. The company receives the award for District ATV Dealer of the year in Canada. In addition to receiving that of the regional Roadster dealership in Eastern Canada. To date, the reputation of the company is established throughout Quebec and the Maritimes for their customer service.
In 2011, the company recevied the title of the oldest BRP dealer still active in the world!!!
Today, the Honda range has also been part of the company for over 40 years. Its line of mechanical products, ATVs, side-by-side and on-road and off-road motorcycles is recognized for its quality and durability.
Since 2012, the company has a continuous growth. It receives the district Roadster dealer award in Quebec.
In 2014, the company received another award, that of district BRP off-road vehicle dealership in Canada.
In January 2017, Andre Halle & Sons is proud to announce the opening of a second BRP dealership which will be located at 1390, avenue du Phare Ouest Matane. It offers the full range of Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Can-Am Spyder, Sea-Doo watercraft and Can-Am ATVs and side-by-sides.
The saying thats says you don't have to count your hours if you want to succeed. Each member of the family has done their part, according to their age and ability, like any family business. It is a great satisfaction for Andre to see that his business remains a family affair.
In the summer 2019, after many years with the company, Real Halle and his wife Rita sold the company to Alain Landry, owner of Harley Davidson in Rimouski, as well as their two nephews Philippe Halle and Felix Andre Halle Leblanc. They will then be the three new co-owners of the company.
In 2020, the company offered 2 new brands : Legend boats and pontoons and Mercury outboard motors. In September of the same year, Andre Halle & Sons acquired the company Amable Caron & Sons in Matane. Thus, that Honda, Adly and Husqvarna banners are transferred to 1390, avenue du Phare.
In 2021, the company continues to grow by becoming an authorized dealer for Manitou (pontoon) and Alumacraft (boats) products.
In June 2021, the 3 owners are proud to annouce the acquisition of a new dealership, Mini Mecanik located at 178, avenue Leonidas Sud in Rimouski.
In January 2022, the company, powered by its ambitious owners, adds a new product to its line of recreational vehicles. A technology thats was proven itself for a long time... the population will now be able to enjoy the pleasure of Talaria STING electric mountain vehicle. Featuring a lightweight frame, a powerful electric motor transferred via smart gearing, while running extremely quietly, this all-terrain vehicle is deal for enjoying sports and off-road adventures.
In January 2022, another product is added to the brands offered by the company, Durabull trailers. Of differend shapes and sizes, aluminium trailers offer you the possibility of customizing them thanks to the many options available. You will therefore have the possibility of leaving with a Durabull trailer and the vehicle of your dreams on board!
In the spring, other brands are added to the company. Ecolo-Cycle, Eunorau, QuietKat electric bikes. And a brand new Quebec product, Qidescape stand-up snowmobiles!