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Spyder Driving Course

3-wheel motorcycle training course here at André Hallé et fils!

  • Theory given in our premises and practical course in our parking course
  • The course consists of a duration of 7 hours 3 hours of theory and 4 hours of practice (2 hours closed circuit and 2 hours on the road)
  • The class is given during a weekend day.
  • The theoretical exam must be passed before you can practice.
  • To qualify for the 3-Wheel Motorcycle Driver's Course, you must have a valid Class 5 (Automobile) Driver's License.
  • Class 6A (motorcycle) owners on their driver's license are permitted to drive a 3-wheel motorcycle without taking Class 5 course.
The course is offered in collaboration with the company Auto-École NDR Rimouski enr.
Communiquez avec nous en ligne ou par téléphone au 1 (888) 706-6115 à l'un de nos conseillers aux ventes pour en savoir plus sur le cours de conduite classe 5.