Spyder Driving Course


  • Theory given in our premises and practical course in our parking course.
  • The course consists of a duration of 7 jours or 3 hours of theory and 4 hours of practice (2 hours in closed circuit and 2 hours on the road).
  • The course takes place on a week-end day.
  • The theoretical exam must be passed before you can do the practice.
  • To be eligible for the 3-wheeled motorcycle driving course, you must have a valid class 5 (automobile) driver's license.
  • People with class 6A (motorcycle) on their diver's license are allowed to drive a 3-wheeled motorcycle without taking the class 5 course.


During the course, you will learn how to minimize and manage risky situations, control the vehicle, control acceleration, drive in  a straight line, stop, change direction and speed, stop quickly and do evasive maneuvers.

The courses os offered in collaboration with the company
Auto-École NDR Rimouski enr.


Contact NDR Rimouski at 418-723-7134

*If there are enoughregistrations, the course can be given here in Amqui, otherwise you will have to take it in Rimouski