Can-Am 2020 rentals

Prices available soon

Contact us online or by phone at 1 (888) 706-6115 to learn more about our rental recreational vehicles. We will give you all the details to get you on the road quickly.

300 km / day + $ 0.49 / additional km
Full day gives you 100 more miles
Taxes not included on mentioned prices
You must have a class 6A motorcycle license or the SAAQ certificate following the 3E class motorcycle class.
Clothing not included.
When buying a Spyder, the cost of renting a day will be deducted, except the $25 insurance included.
Collision insurance included with $2,500 deductible + transportation. The insurance does not cover bodily injury to the driver and / or the passenger. It only covers damage to others.
  • 2 people max per vehicle (if designed for 2 passengers)
  • Compulsory equipment (including helmet, boots, etc.)
  • Reservation deposit of $100 / day non-refundable in case of cancellation
  • Driving license Class 6A or 6E
  • Gas not included (the vehicle must be returned with a full tank of gas otherwise a $70 fee will apply)
  • $1500 security deposit on credit card
  • IMPORTANT: The vehicle must remain in Québec
N.B. The rental amount must always be paid before taking possession of the rented vehicle. The deposit is payable before the price in charge of the equipment by the customer and refunded in whole or in part (charged with the costs due to the possible damages) after inspection during the delivery of the material. The deposit can be paid either by blocking on Visa / Mastercard / American Express credit card, or by payment in cash, in Canadian dollars, US or euros after application of the exchange rate. No other means of payment are accepted for the payment of the deposit. The refusal or impossibility of payment of the deposit by the customer automatically entails the cancellation of the rental.